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How to successfully exhibit at an exhibition

31st August 2017 | by Nathan Fishburn

Exhibiting at an event can seem a little daunting, what with all the preparation that needs to go into making sure your stand is unique and inviting. Being a company that deals with exhibitions on the regular, here are our top tips on having a successful show!

Creating a marketing campaign
Creating a marketing campaign is one of the very first things you can do to get the ball running. There are numerous ways to do this, for instance, a 30 day Twitter countdown feed with a unique hashtag, e-shots or other literature can be sent out to delegates. Sending out information of your stand number/location is a great way to ‘put yourself on the map’ and to get your name out there.

Bespoke stands
A lot of the time, exhibitions are full of shell scheme stands that all look the same, making it hard for delegates to pick you out from the crowd and for you to leave any kind of memorable impression. An easy way to fix this is to make sure your stand is one of a kind – the downside to this is that it could be pricey. Bespoke stand builds are the easiest way to stand out because no one else is going to have a stand that looks like yours. You can personalise it to the max, with logos, products, and add in extras like a bar to entice your customers.

Showcase your products
Whether you have a shell scheme stand or a bespoke stand build, products and literature are essential. Having your own products on the stand allows you to showcase them so customers know what it is that you can offer and to what standard. Literature allows them to take it home, and it is a way to combat missing out on business if you are unable to talk to them.

Looking fun
The main aim of exhibiting is to get new clients, and having a stand that looks fun and interesting is a way to get them to visit your stand. What better way to entice people to come over than by having games, giveaways, food, and beverages? Everyone is competitive no matter what they say, and if they have a chance to win a prize they are going to enter a competition! Assuming the exhibition allows you to bring food and drinks, this is another simple yet effective way of getting customers. They might not know who you are or what you do, but as soon as they are sat down having a drink or a snack, it gives you that opportunity to introduce yourself.

Following up
Follow up campaigns are just as, if not more important than anything else we have discussed. If you have a lead from the event but fail to follow it up then essentially it was all a waste of time. A few ways to follow up are to call them if you have their contact information or to send out personalised thank you cards that have a short and punchy message that will let them know you are ready to do business with them.

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