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How to enhance your Shell Scheme Stand

9th January 2018 | by Nathan Fishburn

Due to the nature of shell scheme, it can be hard to make any stand out from the crowd. However, this doesn’t mean its impossible! Check out our favourite ways enhance your shell scheme stand…

Graphics can be done in more than one way, three in fact, when it comes to a shell scheme stand. Let’s start with seamless graphics. These are a favourite between exhibitors as they allow the artwork to be one full image, preventing any breakage from the shell scheme poles. For this option, an MDF cladded wall would be required, which is the structure the graphics are attached to.

Option number two is individual graphic panels; these replace the original white foamex panels and just slot into place.

Lastly, we have the popup graphics; these are easily transported and do not interfere with the white foamex panels. They can be placed anywhere on your stand, and come in an array of shapes and sizes.

Flooring can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a stand. Carpet adds warmth, especially if the natural flooring is concrete. Vinyl is another great option, as it adds a different texture to your shell scheme stand. Also, not many stands have vinyl, therefore, if yours does then you will stand out from the crowd a lot more.

To make an even bigger impact, why not add a raised floor? Carpet or vinyl sets you apart from your neighbours, but adding a raised floor also sets you apart from the aisles. Having to step up onto a stand, and out of the aisle way, can make it feel like your moving from one area into another, and it takes the focus off every other stand at that exhibition.

Gadgets and other technology will help enhance your stand, as they add another dimension.  Working as great visual aids, they will catch the roaming eyes of passerby’s. Gadgets provide a talking point for you and your customers and will allow them to see exactly what you do. Not only this but having a T.V. or piece of machinery with lights will increase the brightness on the stand too. Making you easier to spot!

Shell scheme can start off looking very plain, but with these added extra’s you’ll see that there’s more to it than just foamex panels and poles!

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