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Are Exhibitions Effective?

6th November 2017 | by Nathan Fishburn

Coming from a company who specialise in delivering top quality exhibition services, we believe that exhibitions are an extremely effective way of getting your name out into the business sector you fall into; and to persuade you further, here’s why:

It is true that exhibition stands can be expensive, especially if you opt for a free build. However, they are worth the money when done correctly. Create a stand that draws visitors to you, because as soon as that happens you have a chance to sell your company.

Not only this, but your initial worry of the exhibition being too costly should melt away, as it has been shown through a study by Exhibit Surveys Inc, that on average it costs £120 to connect with a visitor at a show, whereas it is £195 if done through a sales call. So not only are you saving there, but you will also make back the money you spent and hopefully more from all the sales.

Exhibiting at an event will get you noticed, but you can get even more publicity if you create a strong marketing campaign. There are generally 3 phases to a marketing campaign, the pre-event, during and post-event. All of these stages are a great way to maximise your visibility to your current, old and new customer, as you can use multiple platforms to spread your message.

It is so easy to email or call someone in an attempt to promote and sell your companies services, however, is it easy to convert the conversation into a sale? Exhibit Survey’s found through their research that to close a trade show deal you need only 0.8 calls, however, through other methods they require 3.7 calls. This proves that face to face sales techniques are a lot more effective and cheaper in the long run for your company.

It can be hard to distance yourself from similar companies and stand out from the crowd. BUT exhibiting allows you to do just that. Through your stand design, you can express your company’s ideas and branding.

You can follow this through to your freebies too; lots of companies choose generic giveaways like USB sticks and pens. So why not step away from the norm and pick items that are specific to your brand? Also make them useful so visitors can keep them, making you a constant reminder that your company is out there.

If done correctly, exhibitions can be a very effective way to boost your companies visibility. It gives you a chance to show off what your company is about in more ways than one, and helps you get your name out there. So why not give it a go, and see how effective they can be for you?

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