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Truss and Rigging for Festivals

With festival season upon us, the chosen fields are going to see miles of truss erected into their specific structures. Mainly used for the music stages and sets, truss and rigging create the framework for whatever accessories the acts need during their slot. Ranging from Audio Visual and Lighting to special effects or having dancers suspended in the air, thanks to truss and rigging, the options for festivals are endless.

Within the truss and rigging for festivals industry, there are an array of truss types that you can use to suit the different shapes and sizes of the structures. If you have ever been to one of the big music festivals, then you would have seen all the different lights, speakers and special effects equipment that the truss and rigging have to support, which means the truss has to be able to bear a heavy load.

When you go to festivals, the typical truss and rigging structures you would tend to see are flat roofs, arc roofs and if you go to Glastonbury, then the Pyramid roofed stage. Flat roofs are probably the most popular shaped framework as they are capable of supporting immense weights and are perfect for outdoor events. An example of this would be V Festivals main stages. Due to the way the stages are rigged and the truss that is used, the structure can support large screens, speakers, light, and banners.

Arc roofs allow for a multitude of options when using truss and rigging for festivals, due to their ability to hold heavy weight loads. They also add another dynamic to the festival as the visual is different compared to that of the flat roof. Typically these structures are used for smaller festivals and events.

Another area that has to be accounted for when using truss and rigging for festivals, is that the structures are almost always going to be outside. This means that the ground has to be level and strong enough to withhold the immense weight that is being built on top of it. If this isn’t checked, then it could cause a lot of problems.

Truss and rigging for festivals is a specified industry, and from working on big scale events with teams at the V Festival and Glastonbury to smaller local events such as the Ironbridge Brass Band, Stagecraftuk have got the knowledge and ability to create any structure you need. We have a brand new stock of OV30 and OV40 truss which is easily built through its pin and clip system, meaning that building festival framework is a quick and easy process.

While we are based in the Midlands, we are willing to go wherever you need us to. So if you’re hosting the next big music festival or putting on a small scale show at your local fayre and need a structurally sound truss based stage set, then give us a call on 01952 281600 or drop us an email to where our Rigging department and Project Managers will be more than happy to help you create your masterpiece.

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